by Staff

October 14, 2016

The tree leaves are turning colour and some mornings you can already see your breath. That means it’s time once again for your horse’s fall medical checkup.

At Allossery Equine, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive and affordable Equine Wellness and Preventative Care Program. Through scheduled visits twice a year, we provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your horse is getting the best possible care on a regular basis. See our different wellness plans and pricing.

Why subscribe this fall?

As part of our fall service, we check your horse’s medical, dental and nutritional status, as well as administering booster vaccines and performing fecal parasite monitoring. Preventative care is essential for horses because it helps us identify medical issues before they become serious, and it protects against common infectious diseases.

Subscribing to our program will eliminate the guesswork surrounding when to schedule routine preventative-care procedures for your horse. Choose from one of our three standard packages for different types of horses, or ask us about a customized plan to your specific needs.

Cost savings: Significantly, by combining routine health procedures into a single service plan, we can work more cost efficiently and pass on the savings to you.

Coverage Plans and Pricing

We offer three standard packages appropriate for particular types of horses. If you’re interested, we would be pleased to create a customized package to fit your specific needs.

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