March 14, 2018

We’re excited to announce the addition of a dental endoscopy system to our lineup of advanced, mobile imaging and diagnostic tools.

In horses, the oral cavity is long and narrow, making it notoriously challenging to perform dental procedures.

Benefits of oral endoscopy

The use of an endoscope greatly improves our ability to examine, clean, float and extract teeth. With this portable veterinary tool, we gain an up-close, crystal-clear view of the various structures – including the cheek teeth, gingiva, tongue and cheeks – within the oral cavity

Having visual access to your horse’s teeth and oral cavity at this fine level of detail allows us to more efficiently and accurately investigate periodontal and endodontic abnormalities in the mouth.

Notably, our TELE PACK VET X LED oral endoscopic unit is all-in-one solution, featuring all the tools needed for advanced, on-farm veterinary endoscopy. The unit includes a camera, LED light source, monitor, insufflation pump and image capture.

An important benefit of this camera-based system is that we can save photos and videos from your horse’s exam for future use, such as a follow-up examination or consult with other veterinarians.

Diagnosing the problem

Using our new dental endoscopy tool-set, we can more accurately diagnose dental and oral health issues such as:

  • Cheek and tongue ulcers
  • Sharp enamel points
  • Dental elongations
  • Diastema (spaces between teeth)
  • Periodontal pockets (severe periodontal disease)v
  • Gingival (gum) recession
  • Necrotic (decaying) pulp exposure
  • Crown fractures
  • Infundibular (enamel infoldings that penetrate the chewing surface of the tooth) changes
  • Peripheral cemental abnormalities
  • Parasitic larvae in the gums (Gasterophilus)

Additionally, endoscopes can be useful for:

  • Positioning dental tools (such as molar spreaders, dental forceps etc)
  • Intraoral extraction guidance
  • Inspecting the alveolar bones postoperatively

If it’s time for your horse’s annual dental visit, or if dental problems arise unexpectedly, give us a call. We’re here to help!


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