We’re pleased to offer our clients affordable, up-to-date digital ultrasonography,  digital radiography and endoscopy. With each of these technologies, we generate an image right on the spot, at the time of examination, without the need to process images at a separate location.

Our diagnostic imaging equipment is portable and easy to use, allowing us to provide these advanced veterinary services right on your farm. Through the use of diagnostic imaging, we’re better able to reach a correct diagnosis, provide proper treatment and get your horse back into action.

Digital Ultrasonography

Ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive procedure that uses sound waves to generate highly detailed images of soft-tissue structures, including organs, tendons and ligaments. This technology also allows us to assess blood flow through vessels, organs and diseased tissues.

The images are generated on site and in real time, so we can reach a diagnosis quickly and start treatment faster. Once treatment of your horse is underway, we can employ ultrasound to efficiently and accurately monitor the healing process.

Ultrasonography is particularly useful in the localization, diagnosis and prognostication of lameness issues. We also regularly use digital ultrasound in our reproduction work to determine ideal breeding times and detect pregnancies.

Common injuries that we ultrasound include:

  • strains or tears to the check ligament
  • strains or tears to the superficial or deep digital flexor tendon
  • injuries to the suspensory ligament and its extensor branches
  • puncture wounds (to determine the extent of the wound under the intact skin)

Digital Radiography

Our digital radiography system allows us to take incredibly detailed X-ray images of your horse’s bones and joints. We use mobile digital radiography on a regular basis to more effectively evaluate, diagnose and treat issues such as fractures, OCD fragments and the presence and degree of arthritis. This non-invasive medical test is performed on site and the images are ready to view immediately.

If necessary, we can magnify the image or adjust the contrast for better viewing and diagnosis. This image-enhancement capability greatly benefits your horse because it means fewer exposures and less sedation are required. We also routinely use digital radiography to perform quick, reliable assessments as part of lameness and pre-purchase examinations.

Upper Airway Endoscopy

Our fibre optic endoscope is a valuable tool for examining your horse’s upper respiratory tract. Once the endoscope is passed through the nostril, it gives a clear view of the structures within the nasal cavities, pharynx and trachea. Abnormalities within these structures can impair breathing and athletic ability.

By performing an upper airway exam using endoscopy, we can more accurately diagnose causes of respiratory noise, exercise intolerance, nasal discharge and difficulties with eating and swallowing. The range of health- and performance-limiting conditions we look for includes laryngeal hemiplegia (roarers), epiglottic entrapment, dorsal displacement of the soft palate, chondritis and lymphoid hyperplasia.

Oral (Dental) Endoscopy

Horses have a long, narrow oral cavity, which can create challenges when we perform dental exams or procedures such as dental cleaning, floating and extractions. Our oral endoscope features a miniature camera that allows us to see the various structures within your horse’s oral cavity – including the cheek teeth, gingiva, tongue and cheeks – in great detail.

The camera image appears on our computer monitor in real time, so you, as the client, can see what we’re seeing. This enables you to make more informed decisions on behalf of your horse.

In addition, we’re able to save photos and videos from your horse’s exams and procedures for future use, such as a follow-up examination or consult with other veterinarians.


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